JMoreno | PMA Proposal #1: “The Circle”

For my first Persuasive Media Analysis I am choosing to analyze the show ‘The Circle’, which is a television series based on becoming social media famous. Throughout the series, contestants live in the same building but are not allowed to see each other because of the main concept & idea that “anyone can be anyone in The Circle”. Some other shows that relate or are analogous to The Circle are Big Brother, Catfish, or even the Black Mirror episode “Nosedive” with the concept of ratings. In addition, it stereotypically represents the minorities as well as LGBTQ+ groups (visually) represented within the show. All-in-all The Circle also hegemonically supports the American ideology of becoming social media famous, because after all, that’s the goal of the contestants in the show. I believe that this show is implicitly supporting the items stated above through their contestant choices & curation. The intro is what inspired me to want to dig into the show because it is where a lot of the ideologies and stereotypes really stick out and are obviously placed. I hope to further my research in this show to see if these issues get fixed or if these ideologies continue to show throughout.

*while watching the intro, think about the typical stereotypes placed onto the races & groups represented as well as how the ideology of becoming social media famous is supported*

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