The artifact I would like to study further for my PMA1 is Parasite.  Parasite captured my interest because it is a very complex movie with many layers, details, and meanings. The movie is about how class inequality and shows how the wealthy can parasitic and the poor’s struggle for survival.  The rich are parasitic because they feed off the labor of the poor and in the movie, the working-class families feeds off the rich by infiltrating their house and using their resources. Different events make class inequality more prominent as depicted in a flood scene. For the rich, the flood was a mere inconvenience, but for the poor, the flood destroyed their homes.

 I would like the elements of cinematography we talked about in class. The editing, setting, and props–of this scene in particular–juxtaposes the two families.

The sound in this scene is perfect because it builds up to a moment where the poor family has completed infiltrated the rich family’s home.


  1. A solid choice, and your proposal hints at the answer to this, but be sure you can answer the question “what is the argument?” If not, you might consider another text.

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