PMA #1 : Super Hot

This game is available across all platforms, it was released in 2016 after a prototype caught a significant amount of attention. You can still play the prototype on their official website ( ). The game is set on what seems to be a game within another reality, a reality where this game is illegal but you somehow got your hands on it. It is a first person shooter game that messes with observed time, where time only moves when you move. The objective level by level is to not die, but to also kill all the red-beings. However, the overall objective of the game is unclear until you are fully immersed in Super Hot. The games starts with little to no plot, but quickly changes as the player is more and more immersed. The player is constantly being flashed certain words and images guiding and illuminating the player through the plot. Here is the trailer to the game, followed by the full game play. And if you have the time and money, play this game, it is the most innovative shooter I’ve played in years.

3 thoughts to “PMA #1 : Super Hot”

  1. This could be an engaging choice, but one thing that is not clear here is how you will answer the question, “what is the argument (of the game)?” While it does have elements like those we’ve discussed in class, it may be hard to identify a specific argument that you see the game trying to convince players of.

    If you are not sure how you would answer that question, I recommend selecting a different text to analyze for this assignment.

    1. Ironically the argument the game is making is that players always “lose” to a game rather than win when they win in the game. It implicitly asks the player, “what could you have been doing instead of playing this game?” And “Now that you’ve won have you really won?” Another way to go about this game is through the argument that games use players as a medium to reproduce.

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