PMA: Doom

A game that is famous as a game that can run on almost anything is one of the first truly violent video games. 

Depicting a lone man fighting against hordes and hordes of demons with the sole goal to survive and and kill all the demons. 

This game (and the remakes) get a huge amount of flak because of the demonic imagery and the death metal used in the games. That being said why do they get flak when the whole goal of the game is to exterminate the entirety of the demon horde. Ages have passed with mutliple sources/writers/storytellers have tried to explain how demons are pushed back religiously. Why can’t wanton violence be the answer?

One thought to “PMA: Doom”

  1. This could be an engaging choice, but one thing that is not clear here is how you will answer the question, “what is the argument (of the game)?” While it does have elements like those we’ve discussed in class, it may be hard to identify a specific argument that you see the game trying to convince players of.

    If you are not sure how you would answer that question, I recommend selecting a different text to analyze for this assignment.

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