PMA Proposal #1 Inception

The piece I would like to explore is the 2010 film by Director Christopher Nolan, Inception. Inception has a number of factors that make it worth spending time digging deeper into. When Inception was released it was a film that raised the bar when it came to CGI and pushed boundaries of what filmmakers could create.

Christopher Nolan is a director that has been apart of many movies that at first glance look to be simply amazing works of art, however, after a deeper investigation, I believe Nolan reveals himself to be an extraordinary storyteller and truly explores what makes humans who we are. Nolan uses his incredible stories and eye-catching filmmaking to bring in the viewers, and a story like Inception takes advantage of that and explores something much more powerful than simply explosions and gunfights.

The topics I want to explore are what makes movies like this so attractive to us. Movies that leave us in suspense and perhaps even leave to wonder after the film has ended. There is something truly unique in a story-teller that can leave a viewer to think about their work after it has ended. Perhaps there is something in Inception that makes us think about ourselves and our lives.

One thought to “PMA Proposal #1 Inception”

  1. This could be an engaging choice, but one thing that is not clear here is how you will answer the question, “what is the argument (of the film)?” As a fiction film, while it does have elements like those we’ve discussed in class, it may be hard to identify a specific argument that you see the film trying to convince the audience of.

    If you are not sure how you would answer that question, I recommend selecting a different text to analyze for this assignment.

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