PMA Proposal 1: Spiderman Far From Home

Spiderman: Far From Home, the latest version of movies about the classic superhero Spiderman, follows Peter Parker on his school field trip to Europe. He is enjoying his time off of school and superhero duties until his vacation is interrupted by Nick Fury, who recruits him for a mission to help “uncover the mystery of elemental creature attacks”. 

I’ve decided to discuss this film because I appreciate the way that it integrates animation with live action. The internal consistency of Marvel films in general makes it difficult for viewers to believe that Marvel characters aren’t real, but there was something different about this movie that made everything seem even more realistic than usual. With this, I think that it will be interesting to further study the aspects of realism in the film as it reflects fictional ideas in a realistic manner.

One thought to “PMA Proposal 1: Spiderman Far From Home”

  1. This could be an engaging choice, but one thing that is not clear here is how you will answer the question, “what is the argument (of the film)?” As a fiction film, while it does have elements like those we’ve discussed in class, it may be hard to identify a specific argument that you see the film trying to convince the audience of.

    If you are not sure how you would answer that question, I recommend selecting a different text to analyze for this assignment.

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