Proposal Media Analysis

For my analysis, I would like analyze the documentary, The Pharmacist.

The Pharmacist portrays a negative viewpoint of the prescription drug OxyContin as well as the drug trade in the world around us. The narrator, Dan Schneider, is a pharmacist and didn’t notice the dangers people were being exposed to by being prescribed OxyContin until his son was murdered in a drug-related shooting in New Orleans. Dan Schneider works throughout the whole documentary to prove how dangerous OxyContin is, while working with the FBI as well as the medical board of doctors.

The Pharmacist shows the audience how dangerous the drug world is, especially with OxyContin and how easy it is to open up a ‘pill mill’, which is a clinic ran by doctors who distribute prescription medication to anyone who is willing to pay. The documentary uses interviews of people involved to convince the audience of this perspective.

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