PMA 1: Groundhog Day here is the link but it if doesn’t work here is what I posted

For my persuasive media analysis, I would like to look at Groundhog Day, during this analysis of the film I will talk about the persuasion and realism in the film. By doing this I will find out what the writer made this film and what its purpose is.

Groundhog Day, created by film directed by Harold Ramis and written by Ramis and Danny Rubin is a movie written in 1933 about Phil Connors and how he the weatherman for Groundhog Day and is somehow caught reliving the same day over and over again.

This is a movie about Bill Murray and how he is in a time loop so he can finally successfully seduce the woman he wants. In this movie he keeps on trying to seduce her but he never does because never actually listens to her fully understands her, so he decides to take notes, but this doesn’t work because he is not truly understanding her so he never truly succeeds until he starts falling in love with her and starts truly listening to what she has to say.

At the beginning of the film Phil hates his job and everyone in the town of Punxsutawney. He would rather be anywhere else then in this town but every year he has to go to a groundhog day  to do a report on the celebration there. Phil has no intention in partaking in the towns ritual and finds it stupid that people would look to a groundhog to tell them if its spring or if it’s still winter. That is why when he gets town he makes it his mission to get rich, and make girls fall for him.  Even though Phil is arrogant and narcissistic he is still miserable and attempts to commit suicide but he is able to turn himself around when he starts to understand other people. He finds out who the people of Punxsutawney truly are and in doing that he finds his sense of purpose and becomes more successful and respected by helping others.  He starts to become less selfish and gives back to those in need.

At the end of the film Phil starts to appreciate the town of Punxsutawney and even asks Rita (the girl he falls for) to stay there with him.  And by loving the town for what it is and he has started to love himself too. This shows the realism in the film because it’s not until we stop everything we are doing truly listen to one another that we truly understand them. Also there is realism in the film because Groundhog day is a real event that happens every single year.

This is a film that should convince you that persuasion is all about understand people and what makes a person tick or what are their beliefs / what do they like to do and once you understand what makes them tick and if you do it the way Bill Murray did you will do more than succeed you will sustain a life long relationship.