Discussion Questions for the Project Post Mortem

Some things to consider as you’re looking at you fellow classmates project sites:

  • For each site:
    • What is working well on this site? What is engaging about it to you in terms of text, image, sound, and graphic and interactive design?
    • How is the group using persuasive media approaches we’ve discussed in class, either in something they created themselves, or by linking to and prominently displaying the work(s) of others?
    • What do you feel called to do now that you have visited this site? What change in you, the site visitor, do you think is likely to happen?
  • For all the sites together:
    • What strikes you as the most persuasive technique you see here? Why is that?
    • Are there techniques that are less effective than others? Why?

In addition, take some time to think back on the course as a whole – the topics, discussions, readings, and assignments we shared – and think about what you will take forward with you beyond this course: 

  • How will you shape your persuasive arguments differently in the future? 
  • Will you be more likely to incorporate image, audio, and interactive design into your persuasive and critical work in the future? Why or why not?
  • What is one specific concept, idea, or technique you will remember most after this course? Why?