Persuasive Media Analysis: The Circle

Enjoy this interactive analysis of The Circle!

As you click through the slides take the time to read and watch the videos provided. Think about the questions I ask carefully, as they are essential in how you decode & analyze the show for yourself.

Take into account that I decoded this show based on the trailer and intro as if I were a first time viewer (which I am).

If you disagree with any of the ideas brought up through my analysis comment below & lets chat because this show is honestly quite amusing and fun to look into!

PMA1 Proposal Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping

I want to start off with that I really enjoy the mockumentary style. I feel that this style can be great at satirically commentating on how the world works and present it in a way that is really familiar to the general audience. Most of my favorite movies and television shows that utilize this style primarily uses it for comedic effect however, in my opinion, I think they do a great way of showing a slice of life albeit in an exaggerated way.

For the persuasive media project I am choosing Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping. This movie is a mockumentary created by the comedic music trio, The Lonely Island, as a satire against recent pop musician documentaries being released in theaters. The main character is a highly famous pop singer that has an entitled attitude towards the world, taking him out of what a normal person’s life is and bringing him into a world where he himself thinks he’s king. Over the course of the movie, the mockumentary techniques show that his fame is hanging on by a thin string. The music industry is a harsh mistress and one day an artist may be on top of the world and the next they’re out on the streets.

PMA #1 Persuasive Media Proposal Groundhog Day

For my persuasive media analysis, I would like to look at Groundhog Day, this movie is about Bill Murray and how he has to keep reliving the same day over again so he can finally successfully seduce the woman he wants. In this movie he keeps on trying to seduce her but he never does because never actually listens to her fully understands her, so he decides to take notes, but this doesn’t work because he is not truly understanding her so he never truly succeeds until he starts falling in love with her and starts truly listening to what she has to say. This is a film that should convince you that persuasion is all about understand people and what makes a person tick or what are their beliefs / what do they like to do and once you understand what makes them tick and if you do it the way Bill Murray did you will do more than succeed you will sustain a life long relationship.