I have decided to use the informative documentary, “The Game Changers” as my proposal. This Netflix original uses scientific doctors, professional athletes, actors and world record holders to persuade viewers that a plant-based diet is the most efficient and productive in living a healthier lifestyle. I particularly chose this argument because as an athlete, we are forced to entertain the most optimal level of nutrition in relation to our physical performance. Therefore, by utilizing top tier individuals with built statures like Arnold Schwarzenegger to advocate for vegan diets, viewers are then more apt to believe that animal remnants and by products are not healthy. Specifically, the documentary uses persuasion and identification to manipulate the audience into believing that athletes can maintain and build muscle through a plant-based diet by performing scientific experiments with diverse individuals. In conclusion, “The Game Changers” employ a set of implicit and cinematic characteristics by having UFC fighters, female and male olympians, NFL players, firefighters, and others compare and contrast the benefits of a plant-based diet to a carnivorous diet. 

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